"If you are a student of Musical Theatre living in the Denver area, there is no better resource than Caroline Younger.  She is one of the best in the business and the Denver Community is lucky to have her as an educator for young lovers of the Musical Theatre Genre. Caroline is equally adept at teaching the Golden Age of Music Theatre and Contemporary MT Styles. She is a pioneer in the Pop/Rock genre of MT.  Simply put - she is a brilliant artist. WABI is one of the best training grounds for MT anywhere in the US.  When recruiting for my University, I 100 percent trust her recommendations."

Kevin Covert, Broadway Performer

Director of the Musical Theatre Program, Shenandoah Conservatory

"Caroline Younger is an amalgam of so many things. From conventional musical theater performer to rock & roll goddess. Having worked with her both onstage and off, she brings an unexpected point of view to any project, helping to broaden the view for all involved. As a performer, she exhibits great passion and fire. As a teacher, she inspires one to live freely in the moment and be present to experience the now. Her varied life experiences add to her ability to take students on a journey of discovery. She is an invaluable teacher!"


Peter Gregus, Broadway Performer/Director


I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

"From the moment I first walked into a class that Caroline Younger was teaching, I knew, this was the teacher I had been looking for.  She teaches with great technique, with body safety in mind, with character and with breath.  Her passion for the art is palpable and her love for youth to succeed nonpareil.”

Candy Brown
Actor/Educator/Broadway Performer

"Caroline's unique style and way of teaching can be of benefit to many students. The brilliance of her musicality makes her choreography interesting, challenging and rewarding to do. Her knowledge of the body makes her class a safe and smart way for everyone to learn. Her way of teaching provides a joyous experience for all!"

Lori Leshner

Head of Dance Department, Molloy College/Cap 21 Conservatory

Professor of Dance, Marymount Manhattan College, MT Department

"Shout out to WABI and Caroline Younger! I wanted to thank you for an amazing experience last weekend. You gave your students a real world, informative, supportive New York experience. Having current college theatre teachers and Broadway talent giving feedback was invaluable. The kids are so lucky to have you in their corner. An incredible talent onstage and now behind the scenes! Thank you!"


"WABI has been instrumental in growing my daughter's dance skills over the last few years. There is no other place in the  Denver area focused on providing an environment for kids to be able to get their Musical Theatre dance training while they are still in High School and performing at school or around town. Caroline's skill and rapport with the students and her commitment to producing good dancers has made pursuing my daughter's dreams possible and has grown her confidence tremendously."


I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

"WABI has been so important in developing my daughter's confidence, not only as a dancer, but also in all other areas of her other performance work. Caroline has helped my daughter establish a solid dance technique and has fostered a love of expressing herself through movement. My daughter looks forward to every dance class and has found confidence in her progress and hard work over time. Caroline's thoughtful training has also helped my daughter become more grounded and body-aware in her acting and vocal choices. The WABI environment is so encouraging and students feel confident taking risks, exploring new skills, and growing as individuals and as an ensemble. At WABI, my daughter has found a family of other theater-obsessed and supportive kids and a true mentor in Caroline.  Thank you, WABI!"


"My praise for Caroline and her program is sky-high. She is a creative, enthusiastic dance instructor. A brilliant choreographer. And a thoughtful and inspiring educator.

My daughter has participated in many trainings throughout the Denver-area over the past 5 years and this is the best of the best. My daughter has fun in class, gets great exercise and she is learning that dance is something to love for a lifetime through Caroline’s example. But, she is also preparing herself for a rock solid future in musical theater should she want it. Sometimes, I do not think my daughter even notices this part because she is enjoying the moment so much. Learning and training is fun, as it should be."


as it should be.

"Kevin Covert's workshop is a MUST for anyone who is planning to undergo the rigorous adventure of applying and auditioning to MT colleges. Both Kevin and Caroline have played essential roles in coaching, educating and supporting my daughter through this process. Not only are they experts and have invaluable advice and information, but they are both awesome mentors and people in general. My daughter did this Workshop last year and it is full of essential information!"


"I highly recommend Caroline as a dance instructor. Her teaching style is to encourage but challenge the kids to be the best dancers they can be."


"I just wanted to say thanks!  Zoe had an audition for a camp this week and it included a dance portion.  She came out of the audition saying how she slayed the dance part - this is the first time this has ever happened!  She's gained confidence and skillz and you are the best!  Thanks!"


"To say Caroline is a fantastic instructor does not do her justice.  We have found no one else like her in the Denver area.  Like other students who have turned to Caroline, my daughter never enjoyed dance until she joined WABI.  Caroline's studio is a safe environment where the students gain a level of self confidence that can be hard to achieve.  This is not only in their dance skills, but in an emotional aspect as well.  My daughter has said that Caroline’s class has made her feel comfortable in her own skin and movement.  This was incredibly moving to me! She is getting so much more than dance technique out of her time spent at WABI.  Like many other young girls my daughter's age, she has talked about how she always criticized herself in the mirror because she didn’t look like all of the other girls at school.  Yet, now, she can look at herself and see that she IS beautiful and she credits that to her time spent at WABI as well.  I can’t say how much that means to me as a mother!  We love Caroline and all of the teachers she brings into the classroom.  We are so thankful to have her and her studio here in Denver!"


"My daughter was one of the participants in Caroline's Music Theatre Intensive.  She has applied the techniques and skills acquired during the camp in subsequent auditions with fabulous results.

Three auditions, three leading roles:

Rona Lisa Peretti, 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. Parlando School of Music, Boulder. 

Millie, Thoroughly Modern Millie.  Inspire Creative , Parker.

Ulla, The Producers.  Denver School of the Arts.

Caroline has created the perfect curriculum to give these budding actors the skills and confidence needed.  My daughter would not have been cast in two of these roles without the dance experience she received at Caroline's intensive.  The audition advice/techniques she gained have nearly eliminated her anxiety and the information regarding song cutting for auditions has allowed her to put her vocal talent on display! Thank you again! Worth every penny, and the only reason you won't see her this summer - she's booked!!!"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Jennifer




"My daughter not only learned advanced tap and ballet technique from Caroline, but also ancillary skills: what to expect during an audition, how to handle tough directors and choreographers, plus how dance, music and acting complement each other. My daughter has found new depths of confidence because of Caroline's tutelage, empowering her on and off the stage."


"Caroline is amazing, smart, creative, kind, a great dancer to a great choreographer and a wonderful teacher, not only to my daughter Madison whom she inspired and taught the love of dance and movement to and so many other things. But, Caroline also got me in a dance studio after many years of being a professional  dancer. I can't thank her enough for her support and amazing classes."



"My daughter is a vocal major at Denver School of the Arts.  While she is an extraordinary vocal talent, she was less confident in acting, movement and dance.  We found Caroline through a mutual friend.  My daughter has now participated in several of WABI’s Musical Theatre Intensives and absolutely LOVES it!  Caroline’s instruction has been invaluable towards building my daughter’s confidence.  And the instructors that she brings on board are second to none. Her Intensives are a true “Broadway in Denver” collaboration of musical theater that I would highly recommend to all young people with the dream of and love of being on stage!!!"


"My daughter had a painful experience with dance classes and stopped dancing. Caroline started to teach her and, amazingly has re-ignited my daughters love of dance. Caroline forms a genuine connection with her students that brings out the passion and hidden talent within each student. I cannot thank her enough for the joy and happiness once more a glow in my daughter's eyes and movement. Thank you, Caroline! Thank you!"







"Caroline has taught me almost everything I know about dance. Everything from Fosse to ballet, and all styles related to musical theater. She has inspired me to pursue professional theater and prepared me for those auditions, as well as the possible rejections that come with them. I couldn't be where I am now with out her help and I truly think she has changed me for the better."



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