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What does WABI mean?

WABI comes from the Japanese term WABI-SABI which stands for beauty found in imperfection, beauty of things unrefined and unconventional and beauty of things humble and simple in nature. WABI heralds the process and not the final product which for me as an artist resonates strongly because in the creation mode facits are always shifting, growing, and changing.


I came upon the term in the early 90's in New York when it was mentioned in my Libra horoscope and I thought, "Wow, if I had a Dance Company, that would be the name." And in 2001 that thought became a reality when my long time teacher and Broadway choreographer, Chet Walker, mentored my first choreography showcase in NYC entitled Project WABI. The show was a compilation of story driven dances set to Rock music. The multi media production was a massive endeavor for me and just post 9/11 it was a way for me to express so much emotion and be vulnerable with the way I weave my deepest thoughts and feelings into dance. I had fifteen awesome dancers and a killer rock band led by Composer/Lyricist, David Nehls.


WABI went on to produce my first play Roller Skates and Mary Jane at the Village Theatre in NYC, Vanilla Rococo a one act play at Manhattan Reperatory Theatre, The Connie Baker Show at Galapagos Art Space and was a guest company at many dance concerts including The Elan Awards at FIT and Tappan Zee Dances. WABI Performing Arts Conservatory, LLC was born in Denver, CO in 2015 and produces high quality Dance and Musical Theatre Intensives for young performers. WABI plans to produce theatre and dance aiming  to create a company of inclusion where artists are seen by their talent and not perceived physical imperfections because in WABI imperfection is not limiting but unique and powerful.

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