Wednesday Night Workouts at WABI
BEGINS 12/1/21

The willPower Method with it's creator, Stacey Lei Krauss 530-630, $20 drop in

Dance Based Cardio and Strength with Molly Fickes 645-745, $15 drop in


Stacey Lei has spent two decades developing the willPower Method. This emotionally charged GroupX program was born in New York City through the chaos of 9/11 and evolved as a barefoot signature series, fusion program.
Please wear black workout attire, this is a barefoot workout $20 Drop In, 10 class card $150
Molly's choreographed bodyweight strength exercises will keep your heart rate elevated and steady - giving you an efficient cardio and strength training workout at the same time. Light weights will be included for toning arms and shoulders. The class finisher is killer core work and a good long stretch. $15 drop in