WABI a sentient space

finely sensitive in perception or feeling

490 South Santa Fe Drive  Unit C
Denver, CO 80223


 WABI a sentient space is 3500 square feet of beauty. With an abundance of plants, art, color, sunshine and style, this is a rather unique space. The owner, Caroline B. Younger is a sensitive artist and had the strong desire to create a space for other sensitives to create in and nurture their work. In April 2020 during a very challenging time in human history, her vision was realized. They say if you really want something and know exactly what it is, it will come to you. Caroline can truly vouch for this philosophy. Her space reflects all that she loves and believes in. Her deepest intention is for people to simply feel good in the space and to provide a respite from the outside world where truth and creativity can grow.
The large studio downstairs features the Harlequin Liberty Sprung Floor and a Rose Mural by Artist Stephen Bryer. The beauty and energy of the art coupled with the comfort and support of this dance floor creates an exceptional dance and rehearsal space. Ballet barres, vast mirrors, and speaker appropriately finish the space. The downstairs studio is 1250 square feet and rents for $30 an hour for rehearsals and classes. $65 an hour for performances which also includes lobby area, parking, dressing rooms and kitchen area. There is an oversized warehouse door that can also be opened for extra air flow or indoor/outdoor  presentations.  The space is equipped with an Alen Breathesmart Air Filter.

WABI now has a two person Sunliten Infrared Sauna. This Sauna is an incredible healing and restorative tool. From muscle recovery, to increased collagen production to detoxification and boosting the immune system, you will want to add Sauna Sessions into your self care routine. $30 per session which last 30 minutes. Come experience the benefits of the Infrared Sauna.  

Call the studio for information regarding rentals or to book your Sauna Session. 917 405 4969
or email denverintensive@gmail.com