Hello, summer! Although I'm loving all the wonderful gatherings and beautiful social interactions I'm having again, sometimes it gets a little overwhelming. We've had over a full year of quiet, isolation, and (sometimes maddeningly) slower-paced lives. To suddenly go back to this "normal" fast-paced way of life feels rather jarring and uncomfortable, in a way I can't even verbalize. Many days, it feels as if I'm moving so fast that my days go by in a blur, as if I'm trying to catch up for lost time. It can sometimes feel empty and frustrating. Are you feeling it too? 


Enter the idea for a monthly restorative sanctuary. Come slow down with us. Treat yourself to some self-care and self-love. Reconnect to what is important to you. Enjoy an entire evening devoted to experiencing the deeply nurturing and therapeutic benefits of restorative yoga combined with somatic awareness and breathwork. The evening will incorporate energy work to balance and restore your entire emotional, energetic, mental, and physical self. 

*Props, blankets, and bolsters will be provided, but it is highly recommended you bring your own if you have them. 


The evening will conclude with a sacred circle and ceremonial tea, with the opportunity for authentic relating. So often, we experience deeply healing or restorative practices and then are thrown into the “real” world. How do we take the openness we just created within ourselves out into our every interaction? The sacred circle acts as a bridge between states, through which we can practice deeply seeing one another and being deeply seen. 


Let the magic unfold! 


Our third Fridays are limited to 25 people. Friday August 20, 2021 from 6:30-9:30pm. $35. Sign up now to reserve your spot. WABI is located at 490 South Santa Fe Drive, Unit C in Denver, CO 80223.

Jen Chun is the founder and creator of Crea Healing, a transformative energy healing practice through psychosomatic awareness. She has been teaching classes on Bowspring yoga, self-awareness through conscious movement, teen stress resiliency, and mindful meditation since 2017 when she completed her 500 hr YTT with John Friend, Desi Springer, and Micah Springer.  She is deeply influenced by the work of Elsa Gindler, Feldenkrais, and the Seth Material. Her classes all have elements of self-massage, mind-body trust, and conscious reprogramming.