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Moving Through Change

Moving through and navigating change can be incredibly scary and uncomfortable. I always think, we get what we ask for. And sometimes the bigger the ask, the bigger the shake up. I've been through this a few big times in my life, and it's always the same stuff that has come up like, "I can't believe I'm here" or "How did I get here?" There has been embarrassment of not having a complete and total non changing environment......and every time I think......."Why didn't I just stay"

Because you cannot. Everything is always changing. Life is Science, it keeps shifting, evolving, moving and it is nature. And we must keep experimenting, testing and gathering more information through every experience. We must analyze the experience and each time we have a similar one especially those that are difficult and not peaceful or desired we must look into experience and conquer the test so as to never make it back to the unevolved part of us and humanity again but to keep emerging out of pain, darkness and low frequencies into the high vibes that are truly our rights as humans.

Conquer your judgement and reaction of your current situation. Stand and be simply in your energy and never allow the evident discord of the environment to frazzle you but instead know it is unwinding inside of you to release and never be a part of your existence again.

Patterns can be broken with awareness and courage. Motion is a gift and sometimes the force that creates the motion is a tsunami, the bigger the ask the more inertia will flood into your life. Trust yourself and embrace the forward motion.

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