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What kind of training do I need? How much dance do I need? I can't find the right voice teacher. I need a picture and resume. What is the proper format for a theatrical resume? How long should my monologue be? What kind of monologues should I use for my college auditions? What kind of college should I audition for? Do I need to take ballet? Why do I need to take ballet? I need a piano teacher. Does it matter what you wear to auditions? What is auditioning in NYC like? Do I need an agent? What is the difference between an agent and a manager? How do I get into commercials? What about voice overs? What is a callback? What is a 16 bar cut? What do I do at an audition where there is a live pianist? Do I need an up tempo? 

And the list goes on and on. Questions. The Performing Arts must be navigated and when you don't really know how to steer the ship, things can be overwhelming and figuring out what to do can be time consuming and frustrating. Every artist has his or her own unique path. I am very sensitive and in tune when it comes to helping young artists create a path that will lead them to their goals. My professional network is vast and knowledgable. We will help you find the answers and create a plan. I"ve guided many students and helped them specify what they uniquely want to create for themselves including training, traveling out of Denver for workshops and intensives, cultivating a unique style and look for themselves for headshots and auditions, college prep and dance/choreography submissions and finding the right teachers and coaches.  No two people are alike and at WABI we work to support, maintain and nurture our students individuality. Please email or call 917 405 4969 We are here to help. 

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